SO Exciting!

Finally after weeks of trying to self-promote and get my shop noticed and "relevant" I have been FEATURED in one the Etsy Finds newsletters! This has been an amazing day with my most views ever and I find this exciting. The item they featured the pair of tapesty granny boots seen below.
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Manitoba Clothing Company

I have been driving by this sign every day on my way to work while in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have been very curious what the story is behind it...

~The Manitoba Clothing Company has been churning out clothing since 1877.

~Incorporated under the Manitoba Clothing Company name in 1895, it began as a retail entity but after financial trouble in 1898 they reorganized, built a new 2 storey location at 560 Main Street the began to hire tailors and seamstresses for a manufacturing arm.

~By 1909 they had numerous orders, including orders for the local Street Railway and fire departments, some contracts continued for decades!


A Thrifting Dream...

Hometown proud....

I grew up in a small town on the East Coast of Canada called Hubbards, Nova Scotia. One thing I continually miss about my home province is a little thing called FRENCHY'S...

The FRENCHY'S story:

The original  Guy's Frenchys Store opened in Meteghan River in Digby Co. Nova Scotia, Canada in the early 70's.  Used clothing was a relatively unique concept in 1972 but the idea caught on fast with consumers.

Edwin Therialult the pioneer of Frenchy's, started his line of Frenchy's stores with 1 single bale of clothing imported from the United States in the early 70's. Edwin's strive to keep his customers happy with quality used clothing has made him a successful store owner for many years and keeping with his work ethics promises to keep him in business for many years to come.

So these stores were where my girlfriends and I would go on "road trips" to...We would do a complete circuit of the Frenchy's stores and find the most amazing brand name/vintage clothing all for under 5$ an item!! Digging through bins and bins of clothes...We were in our glory!!!


Sharing the L♡ve...

So excited to be a part of the OH SO LOVELY blog sponsarship program for the month of August!! A huge thank you to Stefanie and Erin for sharing the love!!