LEAP for joy...

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LEAP YEAR:  Every 4 years an extra day (Feb.29th) is added to align the calendar year with the Earth's motion around the sun...rather interesting isn't it...

LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR...This is one of my all time favorite sayings...introduced to me by my dad....Take risks friends...a quote by American naturalist John Burroughs

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A LEAP OF FAITH: the act of believing something or accepting something without or in spite of empirical evidence, something intangible or unprovable.

LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP: because you can't turn back once you are midair.

"THAT'S ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN, A GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND": Neil Armstrong's words when he first set foot on the moon in 1969.

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New shoes at Charming Gypsy Vintage!!!

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Hint hint hint: Ballet flats, woven shoes, bows, polka dots...oh my!


Happy Birthday Elizabeth Taylor

Such a beautiful woman. Violet Eyes. Amazing sense of fashion. Married 8 times, to 7 husbands (she remarried Richard Burton 16 months after divorcing). An icon, both in style and humanitarianism.

Today would mark her 80th Birthday...a woman who will never be forgotten.
(Feb. 27,1932-March 23,2011)

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra (1963)

Some of Elizabeth Taylor's personally wardrobe was placed on display and toured for 3 months after her death and then the collection was sold at auction for $2.6million.
Christian Dior brocade gown and handbag.
sold for $362,500...70 times the estimated price.

Arnold Scaasi "Platinum" gown.
A metallic silver sequined leaf gown was worn by
Taylor in 1992. It sold for $72,100
(it was estimated to only fetch between $800-$1000)


Beautiful Displays...

There are so many amazing and pretty ways to showcase your jewelry collection ladies!! Check out some of the amazing DIYs here...as well as some great blogs!!


(click on the source link to see the diy)

Thank you to Censtational Girl...
this one just may make an appearance
in my new bedroom makeover!


There are SOOOO many amazing and unique ideas out there for ways to organize your jewelry...imagination is everything!!  For some other great ideas check out Broke & Healthy's blog post HERE....they have a collection of 50 different ideas and they link to all the original DIYs.


Sewing Machine Madness

Did you know that on this day in 1842, John J. Greenough patented the sewing machine???

While recently in Chicago I was staying on the Magnificent Mile so needless to say I walked up and down that street more than once!!  There was one store that I kept walking by and had to stop just look at their storefront every time... that store was Allsaints Spitalfields. The thousands of sewing machines in the storefront are fabulous!! And let's talk about the fashion.....faint....
Allsaints Spitalfields storefront in Chicago
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So here is a mix of pretty amazing old, antique, and retro sewing machines followed by a mixup of Allsaints Spitalfields fashion...

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Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a day of loooooove...so LOVE everyone...
Whether you are in a relationship or not, today is a day to show love to ALL those around you...

"All you need is love" ~John Lennon
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"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet" ~Plato
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"Love is friendship set on fire" ~Jeremy Taylor
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"Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness." ~Oliver Wendell Holmes
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"You know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." ~Dr. Seuss
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"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." ~Mother Teresa
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"And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." ~Paul McCartney
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I hope everyone has a wonderful and loving day ♡


Road trip!!

So...Charming Gypsy Vintage is on a bit of a road trip! I thought it would be easier to write a blog post or two while on the road but the Internet access has proved me wrong! Unfortunately I have been without wireless so it makes it a bit more difficult to write detailed posts with images! Thanks to my Blogger app I am able to write a post tonight and I am also able to keep my FEBPHOTOADAY going!!

I am currently in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia...we have been thrifting along the way and so far my best find has been an amazing pair of Frye boots!! Can't wait to share them with you all...unfortunately they are not in my size :( Enroute to Vancouver in the next couple of days but my shop travels well and is still open for business at www.etsy.com/charminggypsy

Thanks for stopping by and if this is your first time please check back again soon and feel free to check out previous posts!!
Bye for now!!