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Let the sun shine in...

...face it with a grin!!
A stroll to the beach. Grand Bend, Ontario Canada

It is sunny here today!  The temperature is only -3° Celsius which is 35° (yes, 35°) warmer than it has been!! I'm pretty excited!  Here's to the SUN!!
I have put together a collection of some of my sunshiny photographs...I truly hope they brighten your day!

Charlottetown, PEI Canada

Looking over a lake in Manitoba, Canada

Driving to NYC...there were many scenic farms along the way!

A winter sun through the trees in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Self portrait. Sanibel Island sunset, Florida USA

A Thanksgiving Day boat ride in Prospect Bay,Nova Scotia, Canada

Another Nova Scotia sunset.

Reflection of the moon. Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia Canada.

Bright sun over a farm in Stratford, Ontario Canada

Grand Bend Beach, Ontario Canada

AND...Soon enough it will be BEACH TIME!!! Come on Summer!!!
Canada Day at Grand Bend Beach, Ontario Canada


My Funny Valentine...

Valentine's Day is soon approaching us...
I remember as a kid it was so exciting to pick out which Valentine cards I was going to give out to all the kiddies in my class.  
There would always be a class project leading up to the day in which we would make a little mailbox to be stuck to the front of our little school desks. Then, when the big day arrived it was so exciting to watch that mailbox get filled up!  I loved going home and seeing all the different Valentines my classmates had given me....especially which boys had given me one!!

Now, I'll be honest...I am a true believer that we shouldn't need a certain day of the year to show our L♥VE for one another. BUT it is kinda nice to know that everyone is celebrating their L♥VE all on the same day.

Here are some vintage Valentines I found...some of these are pretty cute and funny too...

♥ ♥ BE MINE ♥ ♥ 


All eyes on NYC...

I stumbled upon this pic which I had taken of one of the mosaic eyes from a subway station in New York City and thought I should perhaps figure out who created it and it's meaning.
The creators are Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel.
The title of the artwork is OCCULUS (or Eye) and was created in 1998.  The pieces of mosaic artwork are all throughout the Chambers Street/World Trade Center subway station.
Occulus consists of 300 different mosaic eyes...all the eyes were taken from actual photographs that were taken in a photographic study of 300 New Yorkers.  Isn't that so amazing?!

Now I want to go back to NYC and check out all 300 of these individual and unique mosaics!!


I (heart) Frye...

My love for Frye boots began when I scored an amazing pair of vintage Fryes at a local vintage shop...
My 1970s burnt orange Frye Campus Boots

I purchased them along with a pair of vintage Nine West cowboy boots for a total of 50$...Can you imagine Frye boots for 25 Dollars!?!?!  What a dream...I bought these over 10 years ago (2005 I believe) and I still wear them today and just love 'em!
Here is a pair that a friend of mine received for Christmas this year...aren't they beauties!? I love the Frye logo detail at the top is...so awesome!
Frye Melissa Logo Boots
Charming Frye facts:

✰ The Frye Company was started by John A. Frye in 1863!! In Marlboro, Massachusetts.

✰ It is the oldest continuously operating footwear brand in America.

✰ The goal of Frye has always been to create footwear that is as beautiful as it is durable (that's the truth!)

Image from a 1975 Frye boot catalogue.
✰ The Harness boot was first made for a U.S. Navy Admiral who was having difficulty finding the Wellington style he liked...as a favor John agreed to make him a pair...and continued filling requests for boots through World War II.  Frye continued to supply thousands of soldiers and pilots with the Frye Wellingtons, known as Jet boots.

✰ These Harness boots go down in history...they are classic and continue to be very popular.

✰ The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. still has a pair of Fryes on display today after choosing them as one of the "items to best represent America during the Sixties."

✰There is an AMAZING short and sweet video called HOW FRYES ARE MADE on the Frye website...check it out here!
Frye's flagship store in Soho NYC

Now let's look at some amazing Frye looks shall we....

 A bride in her Frye boots
photo from Vignette Design

Great Frye shoes...
FOR SALE @ myvintagewhimsy on ETSY

A look in Engineer Frye boots {Cocorosa: BLOG}

Love these boots:
Deborah Perf Stud boots

Check these boots out at FreePeople.com:
Stone wash slouch boot from FreePeople

A great pair of vintage Fryes...
FOR SALE @ purevintageclothing on ETSY

A fellow Canadian...great Frye look {Jessica C.: SITE}

These are just like new...beauties...
FOR SALE @ SkinnyandBernie on ETSY


My bestie Tessa...

This video is so cute and so I thought I would share. Tessa and I have been friends for 20+ years...she is super talented and hilarious! This is a song she wrote as a tribute to Ellen DeGeneres for her birthday....I would love more than anything for Ellen to see it so I thought I could help her out with some views by sharing it with all my Charming followers and friends!  Thanks all!

Concept/Lyrics/Performer: Tessa Cameron
Cinemtography: Kyle Cameron


What to wear....sigh

It is reaching temperatures of -40° Celsius where I am right now in Canada...and let me tell you...fashion in this kind of weather can be a battle...all you can do is bundle up and try to layer the best you can...here are some great winter looks...

I love this coat...so gorgeous {Frida: BLOG}

Love the layering...and her skirt is selfmade {Kerti: BLOG}

An AWESOME vintage coat! {Kasia: BLOG}

Perhaps not the warmest of the looks but I adore this sweater {Bebe: BLOG}

I'm drawn to this look and like this jacket a lot, check out the sleeves {Kasia again}

Such a wintery photo and the outfit just says winter to me {Amanda: BLOG}

Another snowy pic, love her tights and this coat is pretty great as well {Alina: BLOG}

Check out this coat...amazing...and a fellow Canadian {Natalie: BLOG}

And one for the guys {Bobby: BLOG}

All looks above are from lookbook.nu...click on the photos to view the profiles of those featured here and you check out their other amazing looks! Most of them have great fashion blogs as well so be sure to check those out next to their names!!


Brooch Bouquets...

I am always drawn to vintage brooches...I even have a lucky brooch that I will wear when going to an important audition, either in my hair if an up-do or just somewhere on my outfit.

that is the brooch, a bow with a pearl drop,
and yes, I am wearing it in a wig.

Being newly engaged my eye is definitely out for inspiration for my future wedding and while researching I have come across a lot of vintage brooch bouquets! There are some truly amazing ones out there...and what a special and everlasting idea for the bride's bouquet.

I love this beautiful brooch bouquet...the color combination is amazing! 
This beauty is featured on Intimate Weddings (fyi: a great site for wedding planning and inspiration)
The previous and the following bouquets were all made by Fantasy Floral Design 
("home of the brooch bouquets")
There is the pure rhinestone bling bouquet of brooches...

and there is the colorful bouquet...
photography by: Alice Hu

there were so many on Fantasy Floral Designs that I had to post this one as well.  
These brooch bouquets are also available on Etsy.com HERE

The following three lovely bouquets are courtesy of Lionsgate Designs...found HERE on Etsy...

And last but not least....TopThisWedding,  found HERE on Etsy.com

There is a great brooch bouquet DIY found at Fancy Pants Weddings site...find it here!

I hope that you have enjoyed this beautiful collection of vintage brooch bouquets...I just think they are so pretty.