Happy Birthday Gwen Verdon...

Who is Gwen Verdon you ask??

Gwen Verdon (Jan.13, 1925-Oct.18, 2000)

Gwen Verdon was a famous actress and dancer who received 4 Tony Awards during her career on Broadway in the 1950s and 1960s.  She was born January 13th, 1925 and died October 18, 2000.  She was also well known for her relationship with director/choreographer Bob Fosse.  Bob Fosse's style of dance is still very much well known to this day...He choreographed such musicals as: Pal Joey, The Pajama Game, Sweet Charity, Cabaret and Chicago (just to name a few)!!  He had a very unique style which was often recognized by turned in knees, sideways shuffling, rolled shoulders, and always exuded stylized sexuality.

Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon together on screen in Damn Yankees

When Fosse and Verdon met she became his muse for choreographing...setting many pieces of his work on her.  The style of Bob Fosse's work in theatre is so memorable and artistic I thought, as a tribute to Gwen Verdon, on her Birthday, I would put together some of their work and share it with my charming visitors.
Gwen Verdon

Gwen Verdon in Damn Yankees 1955

Gwen Verdon in Damn Yankees 1955

Bob Fosse in rehearsal

Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse in Damn Yankees 1955
Photo: Peter Stackpole, LIFE

Bob Fosse choreography, CHICAGO

Fosse dancers in the film Sweet Charity, 1969

Photo of Fosse, a revue of Bob Fosse's work 

Chicago, Bob Fosse 

Cabaret, Bob Fosse 1972

Hope you have enjoyed this montage of Fosse/Verdon style...scenes of vintage burlesque put to dance!


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  2. I love Gwen Verdon. I am hard put to find any talent like hers today. She was the whole enchillada.