I (heart) Frye...

My love for Frye boots began when I scored an amazing pair of vintage Fryes at a local vintage shop...
My 1970s burnt orange Frye Campus Boots

I purchased them along with a pair of vintage Nine West cowboy boots for a total of 50$...Can you imagine Frye boots for 25 Dollars!?!?!  What a dream...I bought these over 10 years ago (2005 I believe) and I still wear them today and just love 'em!
Here is a pair that a friend of mine received for Christmas this year...aren't they beauties!? I love the Frye logo detail at the top is...so awesome!
Frye Melissa Logo Boots
Charming Frye facts:

✰ The Frye Company was started by John A. Frye in 1863!! In Marlboro, Massachusetts.

✰ It is the oldest continuously operating footwear brand in America.

✰ The goal of Frye has always been to create footwear that is as beautiful as it is durable (that's the truth!)

Image from a 1975 Frye boot catalogue.
✰ The Harness boot was first made for a U.S. Navy Admiral who was having difficulty finding the Wellington style he liked...as a favor John agreed to make him a pair...and continued filling requests for boots through World War II.  Frye continued to supply thousands of soldiers and pilots with the Frye Wellingtons, known as Jet boots.

✰ These Harness boots go down in history...they are classic and continue to be very popular.

✰ The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. still has a pair of Fryes on display today after choosing them as one of the "items to best represent America during the Sixties."

✰There is an AMAZING short and sweet video called HOW FRYES ARE MADE on the Frye website...check it out here!
Frye's flagship store in Soho NYC

Now let's look at some amazing Frye looks shall we....

 A bride in her Frye boots
photo from Vignette Design

Great Frye shoes...
FOR SALE @ myvintagewhimsy on ETSY

A look in Engineer Frye boots {Cocorosa: BLOG}

Love these boots:
Deborah Perf Stud boots

Check these boots out at FreePeople.com:
Stone wash slouch boot from FreePeople

A great pair of vintage Fryes...
FOR SALE @ purevintageclothing on ETSY

A fellow Canadian...great Frye look {Jessica C.: SITE}

These are just like new...beauties...
FOR SALE @ SkinnyandBernie on ETSY


  1. wow, love all of those boots! and the store looks pretty wonderful too!

  2. I heart Frye boots too. Am wear them as I type. That's my daughter in her Frye's on her wedding day. Thank you for including this photo. Your post is a Frye lover's dream! ~Delores

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