Happy Birthday Elizabeth Taylor

Such a beautiful woman. Violet Eyes. Amazing sense of fashion. Married 8 times, to 7 husbands (she remarried Richard Burton 16 months after divorcing). An icon, both in style and humanitarianism.

Today would mark her 80th Birthday...a woman who will never be forgotten.
(Feb. 27,1932-March 23,2011)

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra (1963)

Some of Elizabeth Taylor's personally wardrobe was placed on display and toured for 3 months after her death and then the collection was sold at auction for $2.6million.
Christian Dior brocade gown and handbag.
sold for $362,500...70 times the estimated price.

Arnold Scaasi "Platinum" gown.
A metallic silver sequined leaf gown was worn by
Taylor in 1992. It sold for $72,100
(it was estimated to only fetch between $800-$1000)

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  1. Great post... if I hadn't read it I would have not realized this would have been her 80th...thank-you. I too adore Elizabeth & those violet eyes.