Vintage Eyes...

So nerdy and cute...
LittleMissShabby on Etsy

I woke up this morning after having some really strange dreams (I think) .... BUT all that kept popping into my mind is this image of a really funky pair of nerdy vintage glasses!

So today I am inspired by that image in my mind and thought I'd share some funky eyewear...

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I hope you enjoyed this collection of wonderful VINTAGE EYEGLASSES and SUNGLASSES!


A tribute to Natalie Wood...

..on this day in 1981 the world lost Hollywood star Natalie Wood to a tragic drowning accident.  Although this incident is still in the news today I wanted to honour her with an UPLIFTING tirbute of beautiful photographs of her and her career.

This a tribute to the actress who was made famous by such films as Miracle on 34th Street (as a child), Rebel Without a Cause, Splendor in the Grass and of course in 1961 the role of Maria in the movie musical West Side Story and the title role of Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy in 1962...

Natalie Wood (July 20, 1938-November 29, 1981)
Love those shades Natalie!

I love this photo...so beautiful.

Circa 1960...photo was a promotional portrait for the film "All the Fine Young Cannibals"

In my "happy place"....NYC 1961

West Side Story (1961), Tony and Maria balcony scene

Gypsy Rose Lee from the film Gypsy(1962)

And now for some Natalie Wood inspired items found on Etsy.com

MissShayD on Etsy

1952 LIFE Magazine Ad for Typewriters with Natalie Wood
ADsoluteVintageArt on Etsy

Natalie Wood stamp
stampholic on Etsy

Original Soundtrack of GYPSY, vintage vinyl, featuring Natalie Wood
Vendels on Etsy

Miracle on 34th Street ORNAMENT, Natalie Wood as a child
ThreeDegrees on Etsy


Saturday is SWEATER day...

Do you have your Christmas Sweater yet?!?!  It is less than a month until the big day!!!

I wanted to put together a collection of wonderful Christmas sweaters...the good, the bad, and the ugly...all with amazing character and wonderful for the family Christmas Dinner!!  Here goes:

 This one is great...Who doesn't love A Christmas Story...I love it!!

AMAZING...and the nose lights up!! This shop has some great Christmas items...

For all your ugly Christmas sweater needs, this shop is a must...

A fellow Canadian Etsy seller...and a fabulous sweater...

I love this one with the squeaker Rudolph nose...this shop specializes in handmade Christmas sweaters...

Hope you enjoyed these sweaters as much as I enjoyed finding them! Check out the above stores on Etsy.com


En Garde...

"Avant Garde" is definitely one of the top 'keywords' daily at CharmingGypsyVintage on Etsy...This jacket has had a lot of views because of those two words...

Here are some other great "AVANT GARDE" items and sellers found on Etsy...

Click on the link below each pic to be taken directly to these great Etsy shops.


Vintage NYC

A collection of vintage style photos I took the last time I visited my 'happy place'...New York City.

 52 St-Lincoln Av subway station, Queen's NYC

30 Rock

"Creativity and Imaginatoin shall be the stability of thy times"
@the Lego store, a mural made entirely of Lego!

Street market in the October sun


The Wizard himself...
Backstage at the Gershwin Theatre,
home of the musical Wicked

Cop Cot, Scottish for "little house on the crest of the hill"
Central Park

The Pilgrim, Central Park

The Museum of Modern Art

Brooklyn Bridge

View of the Statue of Liberty from the Brooklyn Bridge

View of the Empire State Building from the Brooklyn Bridge

And last but not least, Times Square



Fashion Muse....A Tribute...

Love this girl!! Edie Sedgwick is probably my all time favorite! Her style was iconic for sure and sassy! Edie loved BIG earrings, OPAQUE black tights, STRIPES, and BLACK eye makeup.
She was named an "IT GIRL", "THE GIRL OF THE YEAR" (1965), and Vogue magazine named her "YOUTHQUAKER". I love her style so here's tribute to the Factory Girl herself...

...Ok so before adding my pics I decided to check the date of Edie Sedgwick's death and..this is super spooky, but it was today (in 1971)!! Exactly 40 years today!
These sort of psychic things happen to me often but this one is pretty crazy...I mean what are the chances that I would be writing a blog tribute to someone on the actual anniversary of their death...crazy!!
Here's to you Edie...a tribute indeed! 

April 20, 1943 – November 16, 1971