Brooch Bouquets...

I am always drawn to vintage brooches...I even have a lucky brooch that I will wear when going to an important audition, either in my hair if an up-do or just somewhere on my outfit.

that is the brooch, a bow with a pearl drop,
and yes, I am wearing it in a wig.

Being newly engaged my eye is definitely out for inspiration for my future wedding and while researching I have come across a lot of vintage brooch bouquets! There are some truly amazing ones out there...and what a special and everlasting idea for the bride's bouquet.

I love this beautiful brooch bouquet...the color combination is amazing! 
This beauty is featured on Intimate Weddings (fyi: a great site for wedding planning and inspiration)
The previous and the following bouquets were all made by Fantasy Floral Design 
("home of the brooch bouquets")
There is the pure rhinestone bling bouquet of brooches...

and there is the colorful bouquet...
photography by: Alice Hu

there were so many on Fantasy Floral Designs that I had to post this one as well.  
These brooch bouquets are also available on Etsy.com HERE

The following three lovely bouquets are courtesy of Lionsgate Designs...found HERE on Etsy...

And last but not least....TopThisWedding,  found HERE on Etsy.com

There is a great brooch bouquet DIY found at Fancy Pants Weddings site...find it here!

I hope that you have enjoyed this beautiful collection of vintage brooch bouquets...I just think they are so pretty.


  1. oh my, i just found your blog, it's beautiful! I love those brooch bouquets, if i was getting married all over again i would definately have one of those! I actually had just a rosea and some greenery we picked from the hills!!

  2. Fabulous pieces.. I especially love the colorful brooch bouquet by lionsgate designs.

  3. I absolutely love the really colorful,the 3rd one listed by Lionsgate Designs

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