Yesterday (MARCH 12th) was Liza Minnelli's Birthday and I missed writing a little tribute so here goes...
Liza Minnelli is such an icon...a singer/actress and the daughter of Judy Garland, Liza shot to international fame when she appeared as Sally Bowles in the film version of the Broadway musical Cabaret in 1972...and won the Academy Award for Best Actress.
She has had such an amazing career on stage, on film and in the music industry and is one of the few entertainers who have won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy AND a Tony Award!

Minnelli has always been show stopping when it comes to fashion and style over the years...she has tried many looks!  Her talent is amazing and I would love to see her live on stage someday...

Here is to Liza...on and off the stage...

 "What impressed me was people who were funny and talented and adored life. And that's what I wanted to be like."



I am on vacation on a sweet little island called Sanibel Island in Florida and for the next 10 days I hope to don my bathing suit every single day.
Here are some wonderful swimsuit beauties...vintage style!

VeraVague on ETSY

DivingHorseVintage on ETSY

JustinaSmartypants on ETSY

VictoriaWestbury on ETSY
TwilaJeanVintage on ETSY

And just a sweet little summer outfit...
Miskabelle on ETSY

And even one from my shop...(wish I could find a model to fit this one)...
CharmingGypsyVintage on ETSY



"Fifties, fashion and emerging feminism"...

The words above are that of John French,  born on this day in 1907.
John French was an English fashion photographer.  He was one of the top fashion photographers in the  1950s and 1960s.  His amazing black and white photographs quickly brought him to fame.  He worked with some of the top models of the time.  In postwar London, John French pioneered a new form of fashion photography suited for reproduction in newsprint which involved, where possible, reflected natural light and low contrast.

After his death, in 1966,  an archive of his work was presented to the Victoria and Albert Museum (the world's greatest museum of decorative arts and design) and has been celebrated as part of a major exhibition entitled 'The Golden Age of Couture'.

Here is a collection of just some of his photography...They just really caught my eye so when I saw it was his birthday today I felt the need to write about him...Enjoy!

Marla Scarafia (London 1958)
Ann Gunning (London 1950)

Nicole de la Marge in velvet cap with an ostrich pom pom
(London 1965)
Ann Gunning
Pattie Boyd (London 1960s)
Barbara Miura w/ Madame Crystal rayon handbag
and neck tie (London 1953)
Pat Goddard (London 1953)
John French photograph 1960s

And I think this is one of my faves...