Fashion Muse....A Tribute...

Love this girl!! Edie Sedgwick is probably my all time favorite! Her style was iconic for sure and sassy! Edie loved BIG earrings, OPAQUE black tights, STRIPES, and BLACK eye makeup.
She was named an "IT GIRL", "THE GIRL OF THE YEAR" (1965), and Vogue magazine named her "YOUTHQUAKER". I love her style so here's tribute to the Factory Girl herself...

...Ok so before adding my pics I decided to check the date of Edie Sedgwick's death and..this is super spooky, but it was today (in 1971)!! Exactly 40 years today!
These sort of psychic things happen to me often but this one is pretty crazy...I mean what are the chances that I would be writing a blog tribute to someone on the actual anniversary of their death...crazy!!
Here's to you Edie...a tribute indeed! 

April 20, 1943 – November 16, 1971