oh Gravity Pope...

I went out on Boxing Day to check out the sales in the hopes of finding a new, perfect pair of boots to replace a pair I have had for just over a year (they are in rough shape and are a staple accessory).
Alas, my shopping did not result in success...Of course, in the end, I ended up at a thrift shop buying some wonderful vintage finds which I will hopefully list at Charming Gypsy later this week...
Whilst shopping I did discover several pairs of boots which I fell in love with...however, my budget was not so much in love...Here are some of my faves that found on my excursion!!

GRAVITY POPE is one of my all-time favorite shoe shops in Canada!!  I would love to walk in those doors one day and say, "I'll take one of everything!!"....

(at least I have my vintage Frye's which I love)

I paid $25.00 for these boots...6 years ago...and they are still kickin'! That's L♥VE!

...in the meantime I will have to make some major decisions between all these boots below and many more!
Between Gravity Poperag & bone, and ANYTHING from The Frye Company...I'm completely at a road block in decision making... sigh...

Boots Boots Boots

FRYE DORADO Riding Boots
$458 - zappos.com

Rag & bone Abbey Riding Boots
$556 - ssense.com

Frye Dorado' Riding Boots
$698 - nordstrom.com

Frye CELIA X Stitch Boots
$300 - heels.com

Rag & bone ABBEY Riding Boots
$555 - rag-bone.com

Frye MELISSA Riding Tall Boots
$378 - zappos.com

Rag & bone DURHAM Boots
$495 - lagarconne.com

Frye VERONICA Combat Boots
$268 - zappos.com

Rag & bone CLASSIC COMBAT Boots
£374 - farfetch.com


  1. Anonymous28.12.11

    I love boots, I really like the red ones you have pictured at the top, I can think of a lot of outfits they can go with!

  2. finding the perfect pair of boots is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. it can be so difficult. once you find them though, you wear them forever.