Wildthing Vintage FEATURE...

I have missed blogging the past couple days...It is getting busy!
I have been trying to craft some of my Christmas gifts and it definitely takes up a lot of my time...not to mention keeping up my shop and I am doing shows at night!
I am not at all complaining here because I love my job and all my side jobs and all my hobbies but there are times when you just wish there were more hours in the day...I'm sure you can all relate!

Today I am going to do a Charming Fave blog post...


This gal and I have more than a few things in common...

✶ we are both in the entertainment industry (and happen to be performing in the same show right now AND sharing a dressing room)
✶ we both LOVE the thrill of thrifting
✶ we both LOVE our side business...Our VINTAGE SHOPS!

We help each other out with photoshoots and advice...It's so great having someone to bounce ideas off of, go thrifting with, and OF COURSE share great finds with!!

This rockin' chick has a great avant garde, outrageous and fun sense of style in life (hair can NEVER be big enough)...her shop on Etsy, WILDTHINGVINTAGE, reflects this and is great!

She describes her Etsy shop as:
"Home of grunge, goth, leather, lace, spandex, & all things avant garde! Specializing in the 1980s!"

Check out her SHOP and her NEW BLOG...show some love!

Her she is...WILDTHING!

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  1. Wow gorgeous outfit! Thanks for sharing!

    Come and enter my Christmas giveaway and you could win a years free advertising on my blog!

    Love Amy