What to wear....sigh

It is reaching temperatures of -40° Celsius where I am right now in Canada...and let me tell you...fashion in this kind of weather can be a battle...all you can do is bundle up and try to layer the best you can...here are some great winter looks...

I love this coat...so gorgeous {Frida: BLOG}

Love the layering...and her skirt is selfmade {Kerti: BLOG}

An AWESOME vintage coat! {Kasia: BLOG}

Perhaps not the warmest of the looks but I adore this sweater {Bebe: BLOG}

I'm drawn to this look and like this jacket a lot, check out the sleeves {Kasia again}

Such a wintery photo and the outfit just says winter to me {Amanda: BLOG}

Another snowy pic, love her tights and this coat is pretty great as well {Alina: BLOG}

Check out this coat...amazing...and a fellow Canadian {Natalie: BLOG}

And one for the guys {Bobby: BLOG}

All looks above are from lookbook.nu...click on the photos to view the profiles of those featured here and you check out their other amazing looks! Most of them have great fashion blogs as well so be sure to check those out next to their names!!


  1. So many great cold-weather looks!


  2. I love all of those winter looks! Especially the 5th one

  3. Geez, that's cold! I can't even imagine. 2 days ago it was in the 70s here.
    These looks are so cute!

  4. It's kind of like that here in Michigan. It's been terrible. I must (I might be slightly bias) but bloggers who pull off winter outfits...amazing.