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Vintage cameras - in vintage colour

Growing up with my dad as a photographer/cinematographer, I have many memories of cameras from my childhood....all sorts and sizes.  Getting my picture taken was definitely not my favorite thing in the world but looking back I am very fortunate to have a lot of things documented on film!  My dad has quite a few wonderful vintage cameras which he has accumulated over the years and I really think they are just art in themselves!
Not only is a camera fascinating for what it can create but looking at vintage cameras now they are pretty amazing just as they are!  (If I had a bigger apartment I would contemplate starting a mini collection... but perhaps a collection of great 'photographs of vintage cameras' will do...)

Here are some photos of the amazing cameras from my dad's very own collection (and this is only a selection of them)...these photos are art in themselves:

(I added a bit of post editing, but photos below are courtesy of my dad himself, Kent Nason)
Graflex 4x5 (exact year unknown but between 1920-1930s I think)

No.2 C Autographic Kodak Jr. (produced between 1916-1927)

Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 1946-1952

Magazine Cine-Kodak (1945)/Zeiss Ikno Super Ikonta/Brownie Target Six-20

Harvey Exposure Meter made in USA in 1917

No.2 C Autographic Kodak Jr. manufactured between 1916 and 1927

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta circa 1937

Graflex Super Graphic circa manufactured between 1958 and 1973

Rochester Optical Universal Camera manufactured from 1888 to about1911

I came across this wonderful illustrator Christine Berrie who does pencil art...she is a Glasgow based artist and has some amazing pieces... I happened to run into her illustrations of vintage cameras!!
She has worked in association with Magma to have her vintage camera designs printed on tote bags and in poster form... and also Blue Q created bags with her designs on them as well (made of 95% post consumer recycled materials).  She draws everyday items in such detail and beautiful colours that I couldn't help but include her cameras here!

photo credit: Christine Berrie (copyright)

You can find her blog here: http://christineberrie.blogspot.com/
And on Etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/people/CB78

I hope you have enjoyed this look at vintage cameras...I just think vintage designs are so neat to look at.

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  1. Very, Very, Very cool!!
    I love all of them. I collect vintage cameras as well. Some work, some don't, but they are all beautiful to look at.