I (heart) Credenzas....

So back in March 2011 my fiancé and I moved from a bachelor apartment (YES, a bachelor) into a 1 bedroom apartment!! We were so excited to actually have a living space separate from our bedroom and even more excited to start from scratch with our interior design!!
We began with kitchen... a makeover post that I will post at a later as we just purchased the finishing touch at a thrift shop ;)
Then we moved on to the living room.
I have so much love for beautiful credenzas so we began shopping around...we went to so  many antique stores and vintage furniture shops and then one day at Value Village I found something I thought would work...it needed a lot of work, and it wasn't EXACTLY what we were looking for BUT it was $4.99!!! How could I just leave it there?? So here is what it looked like....MINUS those fabulous doors...

We bought it without the doors and I figured we could just custom cut something to make doors or leave it open....BUT THEN we ventured into a funky vintage shop nearby and didn't we find the EXACT same unit...but 40$ more in price and WITH the doors...we did some wheelin' and dealin' and bargained with the shop to give us just the doors!! It was then we knew that it was total fate for us to own this unit!!

We took it home and started doing research on how to refinish this fake laminate wood...we thought about keeping it as is but it didn't really go with the rest of our room so we figured out what we needed to do and voila...this is the finished product...

A deep deep dark eggplant color...and all the original hardware! We love love love it!!  All it took is two layers of a special primer and then two good layers of this super awesome color! (It looks a little more purple in this pic than it actually seems in real life!)

So that is my credenza story... before our purchase of the $4.99 unit I was doing a lot of research on the different styles... I fell in love with so many...I'll share just a few...



An amazing transformation found here

KatchStudios on Etsy 

artandgoods on Etsy

So many wonderful pieces...I (heart) Credenzas!


  1. Great story! Credenza's are so practical yet so under-used. I (heart) credenza's too!!! Thanks for posting!

  2. I love them too! I keep hoping I'll find a nice vintage one one day. Or at least a nice fixer upper :)