Hot Pants...

I realized today that I am a jean girl or a legging/tights girl...and that's it!
I have very few, if any, funky pairs of pants to wear!
I am quite inspired by gals that can or do sport the cigarette pant look...that have pants in funky designs or  that wear every style from 'skinny' to stovepipe.
They are my inspiration of the day...so here are some great pairs of pants that are NOT leggings or jeans!! Enjoy!

These gals have some amazing finds in their shop...A fellow Canadian shop!
tarantulasisters on Etsy

           Love these pants.                           Pretty in lace...love...
LotusvintageNY on Etsy
viralthreads on Etsy

Velvety Corduroy... you can't go wrong.
BetaBoutique on Etsy

These pants look amazing...so unique and funky.
Paramount Vintage on Etsy

 Trouser pants...what a great staple item.             Beautiful and comfy, velvet.

Hammer Time! Takes me back!!
NeonThreadsDesigns on Etsy

I have a new mission...find something that isn't leggings, tights, or jeans!!


  1. Great selection of pants! Thanks so much for the feature!

  2. Amazing! Thank You for the feature!

    xSaltwater Gypsyx

  3. I bought a pair of turquoise pants recently. I guess I normally wear more pants than skirts or dresses, but am starting to wear them more (I do wear them every week.. but still)



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