Sewing Machine Madness

Did you know that on this day in 1842, John J. Greenough patented the sewing machine???

While recently in Chicago I was staying on the Magnificent Mile so needless to say I walked up and down that street more than once!!  There was one store that I kept walking by and had to stop just look at their storefront every time... that store was Allsaints Spitalfields. The thousands of sewing machines in the storefront are fabulous!! And let's talk about the fashion.....faint....
Allsaints Spitalfields storefront in Chicago
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So here is a mix of pretty amazing old, antique, and retro sewing machines followed by a mixup of Allsaints Spitalfields fashion...

nashvilliterate on Etsy
CoolVintage on Etsy
angiescollectibles on Etsy
EuroVintage on Etsy 
neefulantiques on Etsy

Allsaints Spitalfields


  1. Wow, that storefront is amaaaaazing!!

    1. I love these vintage clothes so much! why you don't post some patterns ? it would be so nice!