1920 Fashion...

I am currently in rehearsals for the musical Chicago...not only is this show amazing but the style of the show, which is set in the 1920s, is something that I think is so hot!! I love the detailed beading and fringe dresses...the hanging, draping dresses that still offer a lovely feminine look.
Enjoy this collection of great 20s style (all available now on Etsy)...
DearGolden on Etsy (Dear Golden has A TON of 1920s fashion in their shop)
TeaStreetVintage on Etsy
PomPomClothing on Etsy

circa1955vintage on Etsy
simplicityisbliss on Etsy
TheVintageMistress on Etsy
MidnightMart on Etsy

VeconaVintage on Etsy

sopasse on Etsy
CallMeChula on Etsy

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  1. These are all so amazing. I've always said that I would have loved to have been in my 20's/30's during the 20's! So much more glamorous than today.