Blogging in the new year...

Wow....we have just about finished week #1 of the year 2012!
Now that I am slowly coming back to Earth after my engagement on New Years Day and my birthday yesterday I am ready to kick-off this year!
I have a few business goals this year...
Goal #1 is definitely to get my jewelry out there!!
Goal #2 would have to be to share Charming Gypsy Vintage locally... I love selling on Etsy.com and it is so rewarding sharing my treasures and helping them find a loving home but I'd love to get Charming Gypsy Vintage into the public eye a bit more...you all will be the first to know :)
Goal #3 is to improve on, learn a ton more, and further myself with my photography.   I love my new camera...for Christmas received a tripod, and for my birthday a new lense so this is something I am so anxious to explore and learn how to get so much better!

For today I am posting this beautiful video which I find so stunning and an amazing inspiration to start the new year!! The colors are incredible...(It is only 3 minutes of your day and worth every second)...check it out:

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous11.1.12

    I watched this and it calmmmmmmmed me down...okay, it caused me to relax and in some of the shots I felt the heat! Great job!! I did notice that some pics were posted in the very wee hours of the morning?? tsk tsk...(: