I miss Summer...

I think one of the biggest reasons I am missing the warmer months, not that it has been a freezing winter though, but one of the biggest reasons is the flea markets/yard sales and garage sales!! No one here in Canada likes to host these wonderful events when the weather gets to be a wee bit chilly!!
So two days ago I went exploring the local 'Antique Malls'...just to get my fix of looking at vintage stuff, not necessarily to buy...They are HUGE...
Old Strathcona Antique Mall, Edmonton AB
I always go with a few ideas of what I specifically want to look for...there are a few figurines I am looking for, I always look for "lots" (bags) of vintage costume jewelry, and my Fiance was on the hunt for more vintage suitcases!! (ps. we are in Edmonton right now and I have no idea how we are getting all the suitcases we have accumulated in the car to return to Toronto...)

Anyway it was a wonderful "fix" and we came out empty handed but still...a fun time!


  1. I was just telling someone today that I can't wait for garage sale season to be back. I go every Saturday during the spring, summer and fall. Winter feels so empty without garage sales :)

  2. I love that antique mall! they've got some great stuff, eh?