Let the sun shine in...

...face it with a grin!!
A stroll to the beach. Grand Bend, Ontario Canada

It is sunny here today!  The temperature is only -3° Celsius which is 35° (yes, 35°) warmer than it has been!! I'm pretty excited!  Here's to the SUN!!
I have put together a collection of some of my sunshiny photographs...I truly hope they brighten your day!

Charlottetown, PEI Canada

Looking over a lake in Manitoba, Canada

Driving to NYC...there were many scenic farms along the way!

A winter sun through the trees in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Self portrait. Sanibel Island sunset, Florida USA

A Thanksgiving Day boat ride in Prospect Bay,Nova Scotia, Canada

Another Nova Scotia sunset.

Reflection of the moon. Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia Canada.

Bright sun over a farm in Stratford, Ontario Canada

Grand Bend Beach, Ontario Canada

AND...Soon enough it will be BEACH TIME!!! Come on Summer!!!
Canada Day at Grand Bend Beach, Ontario Canada

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